Everything in the universe moves according to five vibrations

The ancient Taoists lived surrounded by the elements, they followed the cycle of seasons, observed, learned and knew instinctively that nature inside themselves follows the same patterns.
All the natural phenomena could be seen as one of the five manifestations or variations of universal energy, five different nuances. Thus, everything "echoes" one of the five energetic frequencies: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER.
We can think of the seasons and how nature changes according to them. In a similar way the energy changes in the body and mind: in springtime, for example, we assist to an explosion of green caused by the rebirth of the plants which display the energetical vibration of WOOD.
In the human being, this energetical vibration shows itself in anger. In the body, it controls the efficiency of the joints. In summer, the heat and intense light express the energy vibration of FIRE which, in the human being, controls the blood circulation and is espressed through joy.
In late summer, the yellow color of the wheat fields point out the EARTH energy that represents the changing of seasons. Like every period of change, it is filled with thoughts and reflections, which can lead to accumulation of liquids in the body.
The autumn season brings the body and psyche to look inside. Its element is METAL. In man it controls the brightness and moistening of the skin, breathing and melancholy.
Last, the cold winter represents the WATER. It controls our fears, our sense of hearing and all the skeleton.

Every single aspect of nature, and similarly the human being, his mind and fisiology respect these vibrations. Every human organ and tissue is in sintony with a given frequency of energy. Today we still live with the same elements and our health still depends from them. For these reasons, the observations and theories of the past are still precious and useful for us, too. A theory of body treatment, based on the so-called "five elements theory" originated from these ideas at the beginning of the first millennium B.C. in China. The system requires: - a questionnaire and the operator's energetic evaluation to understand which bodily vibration needs to be treated first; - a cycle of five treatments, each one treating a single vibration; - in every treatment, oils, essential oils, music and special massage movements will be used to re-establish the patient's lost balance.

"Everything we cannot find in ourselves, we can look for in the Tao. But all we will find in the Tao is the way that leads back to our inner self. "